Consul's Welcome

I wish to personally welcome you to the website of the Consulate of Jamaica, Boston, Massachusetts. This site has been designed as an arm of the Consulate in that you will find as much information here as you would by visiting the Consulate. You will also find links to other websites such as the Embassy of Jamaica, Washington, DC; the Jamaica Consul General in NYC, NY and Miami, Florida; the Register General Department, the Jamaica Information Service, JAMPRO in Kingston; and the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement, Washington, DC. We expect that the website will evolve over time; accordingly, we will add new links and features in the future. One feature that we plan to add shortly is a community calendar on which organizations can post their events with corresponding dates which will serve to minimize scheduling conflicts with other organizations.

I invite your suggestions on ways to improve the website. You may submit your comments to us at

Thank you for visiting the website. I hope you drop by to see us as we work to serve you in the future.

              Best regards,
              Denzil McKenzie
              Honorary Consul for Boston